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Troubleshoot a Repository

Trouble Pulling

Does patch-tag keep asking for a password when you are pulling a repo where you know you are a repo user?
Try doing a fresh darcs get in a new directory (eg /tmp).
Oddly enough, this usually solves the problem.
Not sure why. It is strange. At any rate, you can now use that directory, after migrating changes from your local workiing copy into there of course.

Permissions errors on darcs push

There's a patch-tag bug that prevents darcs push in some instances due to permissions errors. We're not sure why though we're working on it.

Meanwhile if you have this problem you can click the "Fix Push Permissions" item in the main repo menu and this problem should go away.


Are you having trouble browsing a repository? Or when running darcs commands locally do things just feel... wrong?

Maybe the repo is in an inconsistent state. This might happen for a variety of reasons: such as multiple users write incompatible patches to the same repo at the same moment in time, or if your ssh connection dies while doing a darcs push.

Try running

$ darcs check

in your repo after darcs getting it. If you get a warning about the repo being in an inconsistent state, email with the name of the repo and we will usually be able to fix it manually by running darcs repair. (If this happens a lot we will automate this process more, but so far appears to be a rare occurrence.)

If you would rather handle the problem yourself without involving team@patch-tag -- assuming you have a good copy of the repository cached locally -- you could also do the following. Delete the repo on, recreate it and add repo members as necessary, and then run darcs repair locally and darcs push to recreate the repo online.

Repo disappeared

Did your repo just disappear from "my repos" but you can't remember deleting it? It's another elusive bug (more info in the section on macid here.)
Curse the annoyance but don't worry too much, your repo is very probably still on the patch tag hard disk, and certainly in backups. To recover, log in as your user and navigate to the url where your repo should be, eg

That will usually bring it back up as a private repo. You then need to recreate the metadata such as whether it's public or private, status of wiki, and the list of repo members.

Needless to say, gettting this fixed is a high priority on the todo list. (In fact, there is some hope that it already is fixed, but since it's hard to reproduce and test we are leaving this documentation in for now.)

Can't recreate repo after deleting

You deleted a repo, attempt to recretae a repo with the same name, and patch-tag says you can't.

Elusive bug, possibly fixed but not 100% sure. Please contact admin if this happens.

(More info here.)